Kimberley Kruiser

You have surely heard the comparisons between the young bulls and the old bulls. The later conserve their energy and release it in the fullness of time.

Travelling the Outback has a parallel: there are those who can “do the Kimberley” in 2 weeks and those that colour in their adventure as they go… one page at a time.

Kimberley has always had RV’s for the young bulls: Kwik overnight stops and full speed towing.
There are photos of Kimberley Karavans fully airborne across grids and others that have flipped on their side in extreme traversing.
This is no problem to Kimberley, our RV’s go absolutely anywhere, recover from virtually any situation and the young Bulls love em.

We took a challenge thrown to us by customers in 2011: “develop a product for us that is simple to use, safe to tow by a mid-size 4WD,
utilizes all the Kimberley technology, yet bigger, and not too heavy. We want to live in it for months as we do a big trip!”

We have incorporated nearly all the technology we currently use to get a new look, light weight off road caravan, yet one you can Kruise In.

Here is the greatest set of features, as standard, on any off road caravan in Australia.

Now that’s a big call.
But one we can back up very easily with the experience of more off-road RV’s in Australia than any other Brand (nearly 6,000).

Check out the NEW S Class Single Axle


Check out the all new Kimberley Kruiser



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